Tacos de Requeson recipe


Easy ricotta cheese tacos for a Mexican breakfast, lunch or dinner! This is super easy to do and is ready In less that 10 minutes. The original recipe is tacos de requesón recipe.Requesón is a Mexican cheese made with what is left after creating more creamy fatty cheeses such as Chihuahua or Manchego cheese. Requeson …

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how to love your fat body

My mom taught me to eat healthy since I was little. Vegetables, fruits, lean proteins were part of our diet. I love salads, I enjoy green juices, and I am obese. I am 41 years old, 38 of which I have gone through a diet, another, eating plans, psychologists, self-help groups, exercise, and even bariatric …

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Whole Wheat Pancakes


Make from scratch your own whole wheat pancakes mix! This only requires a few ingredients to learn how to make delicious homemade whole wheat pancakes recipe. I love pancakes on Sunday morning but I must admit that if I have them for breakfast I get what we call in Mexico “El mal del puerco” which …

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Take Flight at the Dells!

take flight

This is our fourth time at Wisconsin Dells. We just have felt in love with that beautiful and fun town in Wisconsin. This time we were invited by the Wilderness Resort to stay a couple of days with them to check out their newest attraction, Take Flight ride. Take flight is a glorious adventure for …

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