Mexican Papas Enchiladas with garlic and guajillo

mexican papas enchiladas

You have just found the perfect recipe to make Mexican potatoes recipe. This Mexican papas enchilada with garlic and guajillo are seasoned in butter and are just splendid. The pan-roasted potatoes enchiladas are not spicy but have an awesome flavor coming from sautéing the papas in garlic, butter, onion, a zip of lime, and guajillo. …

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A very special and different snack, devilish eggs, the healthy version of a snack for any event or meeting, you can not imagine how easy and economical it is, it is a recipe to fulfill any whimsy. Share with your family and friends a delicious and nutritious snack! DEVILED EGGS Portions: 6  Preparation time: 15 …

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Traditional Mexican Molletes Recipe

mexican molletes - spicy latina mom

In Mexico, molletes (pronounced mo-jet-es) are a delicious and inexpensive option for breakfast or dinner. They are a very popular choice especially when you have unexpected visitors because you can cook a lot of them without spending much money and without taking hours in the kitchen. Plus, everyone loves them! Traditional Mexican Molletes Recipe Portions: …

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Today, I’m sharing a delicious recipe that’s perfect as a snack. This is the Mexican version of fried cheese, a tasty breaded cheese which is covered in Mexican green sauce with a touch of Queso Fresco Cremoso® El Mexicano®.  It’s a super quick and easy recipe to make! BREADED CHEESE WITH SALSA VERDE Portions: 8 …

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This Mexican snacks are brought to you in partnership with El Mexicano® Brand cheeses and products. September 15 is coming! Mexican preparations are happening everywhere and the best way to get ready for a Mexican celebration is knowing what to prepare to eat that’s healthy. But, with so many options, what can be easily made? …

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papas al horno

I love potatoes, especially this recipe for Mexican potatoes butter lemon-serrano flavor. Whether potatoes are baked, fried, boiled, mashed, or in caldo de pollo I just love them. In all its forms, potatoes are one of my favorite foods. I love this recipe for Mexican potatoes baked in the oven and pre-cooked in a delicious …

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