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Bienvenidos to Las Recetas de Laura! On my website you will learn how to cook authentic Mexican Food from a real Mexican mom. You can also find some great tips for traveling with kids, adventures around Chicago and a lot’s of self love, realization and craziness from a mother who works full time in radio and is also known as one of the most recognized hispanic, latinas, influencers and bloggers in the Midwest.

about me

I am an immigrant, and so does my husband. We are raising bilingual and multicultural kids in Chicago. For me it is very important that my kids can learn the language that their grandparents speak and teach them to love their parents country and traditions as much as our now beloved homeland, The united States of America. We feel very fortunate to live in the country of dreams and opportunities and be able to create roots in this land. I also feel extremely honored to share some of my Mexican heritage through my recipes. 

About me

*My grandma Conchis next to my grandpa Mauro in their youth.

My passion for cooking comes from the weekends staying over my abuelita’s house. Conchis as well called her. She was an amazing cook. My favorite recipe at my grandma’s home were Chiles Rellenos and Sopa de Fideos. I love the smell of a warm soup and love to spoil my kids and husband with tasty meals cooked from scratch made with natural ingredients and a lot of amor.

I love to eat. Food makes me happy as well as writing and cats. I am a mother to Jorge (5) and Oscar (2) and a wife to Jorge Salazar. My husband is  a long time hispanic radio personality in Chicago. We both work in media and run together Las Recetas de Laura. You can see me in videos and posts but Jorge is the hidden gem over all of this. I studied a bachelor in Mass Communication and later on I was awarded with the Peace Ambassador Scholarship from the Rotary Foundation and was sent to study a Graduate Program in Journalism at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. I have traveled around four continents and love to learn from different cultures and religions.

About las recetas de Laura

I also have graduate studies in Gender Equality and the Right to information. During 3 years I wrote a syndicated column named Ruleta Urbana that later on became a book. At the moment I am an anchor news host for Radio Claret América in Chicago and create content for a community of nearly 3 million followers for Las Recetas de Laura social media and blog

Thank you so much for stopping by and read these lines. I hope you enjoy this blog as it is made with pasión y amor…


✓ I love to swim. Swimming is actually the only sport I really enjoy. I am terrible at coordinating my movements so never ask me to raise a hand and a leg at the same time!

✓ I have lived in Mexico, The United States, New Zealand and Brazil.

✓ I am fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

✓ I am awful with numbers! Maths are my kryptonite .

✓ I am a professional speaker and I really enjoy being on stage. 

✓ Cats are my favorite animal. I am always jealous of them. Elegant at every step and sleeping under the sun most of the day… ooh what a life!

✓ I could have never in a zillion years imagined I will become famous cooking, neither less have a cooking show. I was to become a tv news anchor but then… YouTube was born!

✓ I was named one of the most influential latinas in the US.

✓ I suffer from ADHD. I was diagnosed at the age of 4 after been expelled from a Montessory school were they told my mother that I was mentally retarded. 

✓ After living in 4 different countries and traveling 4 continents I ended up marrying a Mexican guy living in Chicago (Best decision I ever made)

✓ In March 2015 Salud 180 magazine and MSN Prodigy profiled me as one of the 7 most outstanding women in health and sports.

✓ I am not that great at baking as the measurements have to be very accurate. My ADHD always asks me to invent something new and most of the times my baking inventions end up in the trash can.

✓ My goal this year is to become a Disney mom.

✓ You wonder why I look everything but Mexican? My great grandfather on my father’s side immigrated from Germany to Mexico. On my mother’s side my great grand father was a Chiness guy from Canton! immigration is in my blood!

✓ I love being an immigrant mom raising bilingual kids! I get to celebrate holidays from both cultures! We get candy on Halloween and Pan de Muertos the next day for Día de los muertos! Not to mention Independence day! 

Vamos! Let’s work together

I invite you to watch me as a Story Teller for Disney Princess at the We all Grow Latina Conference in California (2017)

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