The Super Bowl is just around the corner and this great football game is the perfect time to create the best recipes for the Super Bowl. Delicious food ideas to celebrate the Super Bowl. If you do not know what to prepare for this great championship and celebrate the Super Bowl’s half-time show, here’s the best food ideas for big game.

Regardless of whether you cheer for the  Patriots or the Rams there is no doubt that Tom Brady will keep us on the edge of the chair throughout the Super Bowl. To calm the anxiety I have prepared this series of delicious options to prepare as snacks, appetizers or even main course.

1. Homemade pizza with Chicago-style dough

2. Buffalo wings

3. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes (meatloaf)

4. Devilish sausages

5. Devilish Eggs

6. Molletes with pico de gallo

7. Tuna rolls

8. Avocado Dip

Pizza superbowl
What would be of a football championship without a good pizza?

Pizza with Chicago-style homemade dough.

This pizza is one of my favorite recipes, this dough recipes is from one of my  friends who worked many years in one of the most famous pizzerias in Chicago. The secret is to add a couple of tablespoons of sugar to the dough. I prepared it with ground meat so that it would be more nutritious for the children and the truth is that young and old loved it.

See recipe here.

Chicken Wings in Buffalo Sauce.

There’s nothing like chicken wings in buffalo sauce. This is a Boneless recipe made with chicken breast in healthy version without frying, of course they are nutritious and healthy ideas but if you want the traditional only fry the chicken  instead of baking.

See recipe here

Meatloaf that is a delight.

I made it in the form of a ball and shaped the mashed potatoes also as a ball and decorated it with cream cheese. I had some overdo of the mixture and prepared it as hamburgers in the pan and I think it is even richer than the meatloaf. The secret was to add ketchup and chipotle to the meat. This recipe is super delicious and cool!! It will look amazing on your table during the great game. If it lasts…

See Recipe here

Devilish sausages with onions and chipotle.

Are super simple to prepare and will be everyone favorite. Who does not like sausages? With this recipe everyone will be delighted.

See recipe

Deviled Eggs.

Speaking of devils, not Tom Brady, I mean the devilish eggs, which are delicious and look beautiful with these tricks that I’ll show you. The yolk of the egg can be liquefied with sausage and chipotle or simply mix well with cream cheese or mayonnaise and add a little paprica if you do not like spicy.

See recipe

Molletes Mexicanos

They are French bread or roll topped with beans with chorizo and a pico de gallo, to be honest this is the first recipe that makes me drool while I tell you the best meals to see the super bowl.

See Recipe

The tuna rolls

Are super practical and delicious, I do not know why but the taste of the tuna changes everything when you put it in the blender, they also look great!  I’m sure that your guests to the game will be enchanted with this delicious recipe or appetizer.

See recipe


I hope these options help you fill your table with delicious food for the Super Bowl and that Tom Brady does not  make us have a heart attack during the game. Tag me on Instagram to see what you have done with my recipes at #SpicyLatinaMom


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