A delicious dessert, chocolate cake, with raspberries and a mousse filling here I teach you how to prepare it easily and replacing some ingredients so that people with diabetes or health problems can eat it.

You will not believe it’s healthy!

Chocolate cake with mousse and raspberries - Spicy Latina Mom

Chocolate Cake with raspberry mousse

Portions:12 reloj Preparation time: 1 hour aprox

linea-corazon Spicy Latina Mom

This delicious chocolate cake I really like, who does not like chocolate? We all love chocolate and the best thing about this recipe is that with the substitutes we make allow people who are on a diet and people with diabetes to have a dessert for a special occasion, reunion, romantic dinner or birthday party!

You can take this dessert to a birthday party, a meeting with friends or a special dinner, especially now that Valentine’s Day is approaching

One of the sweeteners I like to use is Stevia extract because of its many benefits that this sugar substitute has!

  • Consumption of stevia regulates blood sugar levels.
  • Decreases obesity.
  • It regulates the pressure and the heart beat.

While brown sugar has many more calories, but I recommend giving it to children since sugar substitutes for them may even be harmful, brown sugar helps them with:

  • The regulation of blood sugar levels.
  • Alkalize the pH
  • Fight fatigue

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linea corazon

Chocolate cake with raspberry mousse

Chocolate Cake - Spicy Latina Mom


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Chocolate cake - spicy latina mom

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