Today I have a very special recipe; a homemade and healthy pizza! Made with wholemeal flour and a combination of vegetables so that you no longer feel so guilty when you crave a good slice of pizza. Ideal to spoil children and give them vegetables, more delicious than any commercial pizza, I teach you the secret!

Pizza for the superbowl


Portions: 8 reloj Preparation time: 1 HOUR

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In my case one of the biggest temptations when I’m on a diet is pizza!

Does not it happen to you that when you are on a diet then all the people start eating fatty things around you? It always happens to me, I do not miss that in a meeting someone arrives with pizza, snacks, etc and you can not resist …

That’s why today I teach you how to make an integral pizza, anyway it has calories, so take care of your portions, but you can eat one or two slices without feeling so bad, since it has a mixture of vegetables, wholemeal flour and other ingredients that do your body good It is also perfect to surprise children, they love it! Jorge Daniel was happy when he saw her.

So if you have a birthday, meeting or just want to surprise your family a weekend with something that they love but in healthy version this is the perfect recipe.

There is no excuse anymore, when you know that your friends are going to take pizza, because you have yours! You will see that they will finish eating your pizza, it tastes much better.


For more tips and inspiration to make this recipe, watch my video on Youtube (Spanish):


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