Delicious Tinga chicken recipe quick, easy and economical to prepare, best of all: it’is fat-free! so you can give the best to your family as they deserve it, plus it’s an authentic Mexican recipe!

With the spicy twist of Spicy Latina Mom. Enjoy it!

Chicken tinga Recipe - spicy latina mom - Mexican Food

Chicken Tinga Recipe

Portions:3 reloj Preparation time: 30 minutes

linea-corazon Spicy Latina Mom

This delicious dish of chicken tinga is one of the favorites, it is a very representative food of the Mexican gastronomy, it originates in the State of Puebla, where it originates the mole poblano and the chiles en Nogada. Without a doubt Puebla is the capital of flavor!

In many places they prepare it with beef, even with pork, but the traditional one, which I recommend is the chicken, I feel that makes the sauce has a better flavor, which is prepared with a mixture of vegetables.

Normally they are eaten on toast, I recommend the baked toast, in fact, you can do it yourself by putting a taco omelette in the microwave for 2 minutes, turn it over and put it back and you get a toast! (And the best thing is: without any fat!)

For my vegetarian friends I have news! You can also prepare the tinga with soy meat and you can enjoy this Mexican delight.

If you aren’t dieting you can also try the tinga as a filling of some dishes, such as tacos or gorditas.

Here’s another healthy recipe you can try: Nopales salad

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Mexican Chicken Tinga

Mexican Chicken tinga - spicy latina mom

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chicken tinga - Spicy Latina Mom

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