Mexican Red Salsa for Tacos de barbacoa

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If you don’t have salsa over a taco you can’t call it TACO! Salsas are a big thing in Mexican food. We have salsas over everything and that includes kids candies. I mean it!

Mexican salsa

This Mexican salsa roja recipe is specially made for beef tacos. Not any kind of tacos. This is a special salsa for tacos de barbacoa but can be used for any kind of beef tacos.

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You can decide how spicy you want you salsa mexicana for tacos to be. Just modify the quantity of red chili or chile de arbol that you are using. I suggest 20 chiles for this salsa para tacos but you can use half of it and then taste it and add more chiles as you like it.

I love this salsa on top of some over easy eggs with a tortilla underneath. You might not know but mexican salsa is actually a very nutritious food to have on your plate. It is actually a concentrated vegetable spicy soup. Chiles are actually fruits. You might keep them with the vegetables but they have seeds that make them a fruit. Jalapeños, poblanos, guajillo, chile de árbol are full of vitamin C so they are super helpful during the whole year.

Growing up in Mexico in my parents house we used to have tacos de barbacoa on Sundays. They are a very popular meal especially if you had too many drinks the day before. We have special salsas that go with every special meal.

It’s like you have withe wine with fish, well you have salsa roja bien picosa with tacos de barbacoa.


20 Chiles de arbol

7 tomatillos

1 tomato 

1 large garlic clove


  1. Toast half of the red chili or chile de arbo on a grill very carefully so they don’t burn. They only take about 20 seconds to be ready.
  2. Bring the tomatillos to a boil along with the tomato and half of the chiles de arbol.
  3. Remove the peel from the red tomato and put it in the blender along with the chilies and tomatillos.
  4. Add a large large garlic clove
  5. Salt to taste and 1/4 cup of water
  6. Blend all the ingredients
  7. Take the sauce to boil for 5 minutes. My recipes are healthy so I only boiled the salsa for 5 minutes to add flavor but if you do not have cholesterol or obesity problems you can put about 3 tablespoons of oil in a pot and fry the sauce.
Mexican sauce

Easy and delicious mexican red salsa for your beef tacos. This is the traditional salsa for tacos de barbacoa.

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