Perfect tan smoothie

perfect tan juice

Today I bring you a perfect smoothie for the summer! a delicious papaya and carrot smoothie for the perfect tan. This smoothie is super refreshing, ideal for hot days, take it before tanning to get a perfect tan. It will also help you if you have constipation problems or feel bloated the summer smoothie! flat …

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avocado toast and eggs

I have you a delicious and easy low carb breakfast for diabetes and keto. This breakfast recipe is perfect for people who have diabetes or are on a keto or low carb diet. It is a complete and nutritious breakfast that will help you control hunger throughout the morning and keep your blood sugar levels …

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carrot cake

This is a super easy, incredibly moist, and most probably the best carrot cake recipe you will find. I love to have a deliciously thick layer of cream cheese icing on top of my carrot cake with pecans and pineapple. I work full time, have two small kids and I am called an influencer. My …

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colon cleanse smoothie

Surprisingly many people are struggling with constipation during current times. No wonder why… Stress, fear, homeschooling, and home office! we all have had our doses of extra stress the last year and some. This Natural colon cleanse smoothie is specially made so you can have a lot of fiber in one shot along with a …

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Chicken Flautas with Avocado Salsa

Mexican Chicken flautas recipe

Flautas are a kind of crunchy tacos that belong to the long list of traditional Mexican Street Food. Flautas definitely mean Fiesta! and 5 de mayo is time for Fiesta! These Chicken Flautas with avocado salsa are going to become one of your favorite meals. Flautas are traditionally made with corn tortillas. They are deep-fried …

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tacos dorados de atun

Mexican Tuna Tacos Dorados, only need these ingredients. A can of tuna, tortillas, cilantro, onion, and mustard. Do you have this at home? most likely your answer is… yes! and it is all you need to prepare the most delicious and easy Authentic Mexican Tuna Tacos Dorados, Crispy tuna Tacos, seasoned with mustard. This recipe …

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Steamed Whole Mojarra

This steamed or baked mojarra is a delicious recipe to prepare fish in a healthy way. I teach you how to marinate the mojarra so that it is delicious and the best part we are going to prepare this mojarra without frying. The Mexican paper mojarra recipe is an ideal meal for people who suffer …

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