My parents received the first dose of the SINOVAC vaccine in Mexico. They live in the city of Chihuahua, Mexico. A couple of weeks later my dad tested positive for COVID, we are concerned because he has diabetes but the reaction to his body against the virus was very mild. He only had symptoms of a mild cold. My mother who lives in the same house is always god negative to the virus. It was not infected. The reaction to the vaccine for which my mother, Laura Rodríguez Moreno, ended up in danger of death occurred after the second dose of the vaccine.

reaccion despues de la vacuna

Weeks later my mother was preparing for an eye operation and they asked her for preoperative exams. It came out good on all blood levels and so forth. That is why we know that she was completely healthy before receiving the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Within a few days of their studies, my parents received the second dose. The next day my mom woke up with red spots on her skin. Some red polka dots. Soon they turned into bruises and a series of blisters appeared, as if full of ground blood, almost black, on his tongue.

sintomas despues de la vacuna

LOW PLATELETS Reaction To Vaccine

My mother sent photographs of what she had to my brother-in-law who is a pediatric infectious disease doctor and he asked him to go immediately to the hospital. They carried out blood tests and found that his platelets were at 2500. A normal platelet level is between 150,000 and 400,000. My mom was in grave danger of death. Not having platelets can be a factor in suffering a clot in the brain or bleeding to death with internal bleeding. She was immediately hospitalized in an emergency and was forbidden to move. I couldn’t even get out of bed to go to the bathroom.

plaquetas bajas despues de la vacuna del covid

We are pretty sure what happened to him was the result of a reaction to the vaccine. Well, we have a record that my mother was in perfect health before receiving it due to the medical tests that she had just performed for the operation.

Two treatments of a chemical that helps make platelets were placed on him. the two treatments were in vain. For that, she had already been hospitalized for 4 days. It was until she received human platelet transfusions from family and friends who donated blood that her platelets were able to go up. My mom left the hospital after 7 days hospitalized with a count of 40,000 platelets, which already left her out of high danger.

sintomas despues de recibir la vacuna del covid

I share this and the images in case someone who is vaccinated begins to present these symptoms of red spots on the skin, bruises or bruises, blisters on the tongue, go immediately to the emergency room. They are in danger of death. My mother did not feel bad, she was strong, and feeling completely normal saved the spots and blisters that her body presented.

Don’t wait to see if it happens. These types of circumstances require immediate attention.

We Are In Favor Of The Vaccine Despite What Happened

I want to clarify that my close family is already fully vaccinated, my 34-year-old sister saved because she still does not enter the range of vaccination in Mexico. My husband and I received the MODERN vaccine, I did not present symptoms saved pain in the arm and a little fatigue. My husband had cold symptoms for 3 days. My sister and brother-in-law received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and they were fine too. What happened to my mom is one case among thousands. It is much more dangerous not to get the vaccine. You are more likely to end up in the hospital from COVID than from the vaccine.

The effect that happened to my mother from a tremendous drop in platelets after the vaccine has been seen in other people after receiving doses of Astra Zeneca and Moderna. As an aunt who is a doctor said, what vaccine is the best? The one that touches you! I share this so that people can find a record on the Internet if they have any of the above symptoms. Vaccines save lives and to get out of this situation we need to be vaccinated most of the population.

I share this article from the NY Times where they talk about cases similar to the one my mother lived through.

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