Poblano Scrambled Eggs, a Mexican Breakfast

Poblano Scrambled Eggs, what a Mexican breakfast with lots of protein, calcium, and vitamins. The recipe looks tasty, with a Mexican touch that the poblano chili has. Corn and zucchini dress eggs very well to make them more filling with low calories. Try this fat-free, economic and quick breakfast.

Poblano Scrambled Eggs | Spicy Latina Mom

Poblano Scrambled Eggs for Mexican Breakfast

 Portions: 3   reloj Preparation time: 10 minutes      

linea corazonPoblano Scrambled Eggs, what a Mexican breakfast! Try this recipe with lots of protein, calcium, and vitamins, and that Mexican touch by the poblano chili. These scrambled eggs are dressed by two ingredients with many nutrients:

  • Corn- low calories, and prevents cancer. It provides with vitamin B and E (nerve and skin health). Antioxidants to fight free radicals that could cause cancer. It controls hypertension and diabetes. This is a Mexican ingredient by its own
  • Zucchini- the best option to lose weight and get vitamin C, with lots of fiber and water, which help to satiate faster. It also helps to prevent cancer.

In addition, the egg itself is considered a Super Food! Certainly, because of its vitamins A, B2, B5, B12 (your eyes, nails, and hair will be grateful), and minerals (phosphorus & selenium, calcium for bones & muscle mass, preventing diseases) in a single portion. Of course, we all have heard on the high cholesterol in a portion of it, but it is the good one that helps to balance the natural cholesterol produced by the liver. The only recommendation of ours is to measure its intake

Probably, you would like to accompany this dish with black beans and a toast. Yumi!

Finally, do you want more options for breakfast? Have a look at the Cactus Quesadilla or the Turkey Chorizo, a perfect match for these eggs

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linea corazon

Poblano Scrambled Eggs

Poblano Scrambled Eggs | Spicy Latina Mom



1 squash (zucchini)
4 eggs
3 spoon of corn
3 grs of melting cheese
1 piece poblano chili


 Pare the squash and grate (into fine zucchini)
Put in low fire the zucchini in an extended frying pan, add the corn and a pinch of salt
Meanwhile, peel the chile poblano -i.e. put it on top of the fire, turn it to over & over so the skin could be easily removed, put in a plastic bag for 2 minutes, and remove the skin, veins, and seeds.
Add the poblano minced to the zucchini, and stir gently.
Blend the eggs with salt, a little milk. Mix very well
Pour the scrambled eggs in the frying pan. Stir gently until done.
Turn off the fire and add cheese

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Poblano Scrambled Eggs | Spicy Latina Mom 

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