Spaghetti Recipe with jalapeño

Mexican Spaghetti with cream. This is a most have at the Christmas table!! a traditional Mexican recipe for the perfect white Spaghetti.

This pasta its so easy to do and with a spicy twist for the jalapeño that you gonna love it!

You can use less jalapeño if you don’t like spicy food so much, even children can eat it.

I prepared this recipe for Christmas and it was delicious next to the turkey, but you can prepare it for any day of the year, it is perfect for the whole family and easy to make.


For this recipe you will need:

1 Cup of onion


1 Garlic clove

Salt to taste

750 ml Mexican cream

1 Jalapeño

1 Cup of cheese

¿How to toast the jalapeño?

For this recipe you need to toast the chile jalapeño, just follow this steps:

1- Put the jalapeño on the flame.

2- Turn it around to make it black (burned) everywhere

3-Clean with cool water or a napkin to remove the skin.

4- Remove the seeds.


1- Place in a pan the onion and the garlic clove chopped.

2- When it has crystallized put in a blender with the toasted jalapeño

3- Add the mexican cream, salt to taste and blend

4-Put the pasta in hot water and follow the instructions for cooking your pasta (according to the packing)

5- Remove the water from your pasta

6-Add the sauce

7-Add the cheese and mix

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