Steak and Potatoes Burritos, Low Calories

The perfect recipe for the family is this one: Steak and Potatoes Burritos, light and full of proteins. It has been developed with vegetables and beef. But, the good news to our friends with diabetes, or following a weight-loss diet,  is that it is fat-free. You can try this dish in burritos.

Steak and Potatoes Burritos | Spicy Latina Mom


 Portions: 3  reloj Preparation time: 25 minutes   

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This Mexican Steak with Potatoes dish is very economic and delicious, with no fats. So, this helps you to lose weight and keep in fit. Because of its vitamins and nutrients, it helps to the digestive system and… lifts the mood! Yep, some food helps to feel lighter and in good mood. This is one of them. Another reason to recommend this steak with potatoes is the calcium and iron, which play a major role in our mental health.

With regards to the meat, we know we all love it, but we need to keep in mind that we should have 2 or 3 intakes per week. Among the benefits, we could sum several. The most important one is the high level of protein for the muscle mass and tissue repair. Meats help to metabolize fats and sugar in our blood. Thereby, it is advised to people with diabetes.

Due to the former, we consider that this is a 100% healthy recipe. If you want it even healthier, try with Squash instead of potatoes, particularly for those with hypertension problems looking for options that fit them well.

If you want to pamper yourself, try this dish to stuff burritos, in a style of its own from my beautiful land: Chihuahua.

More options for you? try also: Mexican Chipotle Turkey Hamburger or Cactus Quesadilla

For more tips and inspiration to make this recipe, watch my video on Youtube:

linea corazon

Steak and Potatoes Burritos

Steak and Potatoes Burritos | Spicy Latina Mom



300 grs Beef
1 pce potato
3 tbsp onion (chopped)
300 grs green tomatoes
1 pce serrano chili
1 garlic clove


Boil green tomatoes with garlic and serrano chili. When cooked, blend them
Remove fat from the steaks and chop them
Add half cup of water in a frying pan to scallop the onion and potatoes
Add the tomatoes sauce and meat in the frying pan. Boil until cooked
*This is ideal to stuff your burritos with large tortillas. Enjoy!


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Steak and Potatos Burritos | Spicy Latina Mom 

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