Mexican Red Salsa for Tacos de barbacoa

Receta en Español If you don’t have salsa over a taco you can’t call it TACO! Salsas are a big thing in Mexican food. We have salsas over everything and that includes kids candies. I mean it! This Mexican salsa roja recipe is specially made for beef tacos. Not any kind of tacos. This is …

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Mexican Sauces

In Mexico this month we celebrate independence! Here I bring you 3 easy, fast and very delicious Mexican homemade sauces to prepare on these dates, perfect to enjoy and surprise everyone at home and your guests. Portions: 12 Preparation time: 15 minutes Today’s recipe is 3 Mexican homemade sauces with a delicious flavor, easy and …

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This red guajillo pepper sauce is also known as Chile Colorado and is used in many Mexican Food dishes since is very versatile…It can be used for enchiladas, chilaquiles, poured over beans or on some tasty tuna tacos.  You can prepare it in large batches and keep it in the freezer in portions to use …

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