Take Flight at the Dells!

This is our fourth time at Wisconsin Dells. We just have felt in love with that beautiful and fun town in Wisconsin. This time we were invited by the Wilderness Resort to stay a couple of days with them to check out their newest attraction, Take Flight ride. Take flight is a glorious adventure for little and grown-ups! We loved it so much that we ended up riding the attraction 3 times!

take flight wilderness aerial adventure ride

How is the take Flight Ride?

Imagine you enter a dark room simulating you are entering an airplane, with a line of lights on the floor to show you your way. We sat and buckled in and once everyone was safe on their seat the front wall opened, the whole line of seats moved forward and suddenly we were flying in front of an enormous 65-foot by 45-foot screen. We got water splashed by a whale, we smelled the fresh essence of pines in the woods, and waved goodbye to a polar bear and its cub. It was just an amazing 9 minutes incredible flying ride over some of the iconic nature parks of North America.

take flight

Take Flight took us on this adorable adventure to see Yellow Stone, The Statue of liberty, canyons, rivers, whales, and even Polar bears! It really warmed up my heart to see all these amazing places that mother Nature has given us, especially nowadays that global warming can be so tangible, I believe is so good to remember all these beautiful miracle places around us and remind us that we need to protect them. Take Flight is not just a movie is not just a flight ride, it is a whole sensory reality where all senses are involved making it a memorable experience.

take flight

Review, is it worth it?

The kids were amazed, if it was a wonderful experience as adults, I can’t even imagine how it felt for my little ones. We enjoyed it so much that before going back to Chicago with all our luggage already in the car, we decided to go back to the Wilderness Resort to Take Flight again! This summer they also have had another film, Ice Age: No Time For Nuts – The Ride. It is based on the funny squirrel from the Ice age movies. It was so much fun to be riding along with the nut adventures of the squirrel trying to recover an acorn.

Take Flight is definitely worth the stop at the Wilderness Resort. Kids and adults will enjoy this fun adventure.

Age to Ride and Cost

Take Flight Theather is another great thing to do while in Wisconsin Dells. Children must be at least 32” to ride with a chaperone and 42” to ride alone. Take Flight Theater is open daily at 9 am. Tickets cost $17.99 for a single showing of either film. A special double-feature ticket for both films can be purchased for just $25.98.

Take Flight is a ride to ride several times! The films they project change according to the season. Last year during Christmas they had the Polar Express! So if you visit the Dells make sure you stop by the Wilderness resort to Fly!

mermerica wisconsin dells

For a limited time, they will have a new film, Mesmerica Air by James Hood. As they describe it allows guests to take a journey inside their minds, to engage their senses in a miraculous alchemy of sound and light. Can’t wait to live the Mesmerica experience! According to Chris Ebben, Attractions Director for Wilderness Resort, “This family-friendly film is a mind-blowing 360-degree immersive, music and art experience designed to relieve stress. It leaves all who see it speechless, full of love and life.

By the way, the Wilderness resort is one of our favorites resorts in the Water Capital of the World. It has 4 inside and 4 outside water parks! there is fun for all ages! check out their website here.

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