Traditional Mexican Molletes Recipe

In Mexico, molletes (pronounced mo-jet-es) are a delicious and inexpensive option for breakfast or dinner. They are a very popular choice especially when you have unexpected visitors because you can cook a lot of them without spending much money and without taking hours in the kitchen. Plus, everyone loves them!
mexican molletes - spicy latina mom

Traditional Mexican Molletes Recipe

Portions: 2 reloj Preparation time: 15 minute

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Have you ever had unexpected visitors arrive for dinner? Or are your children’s friends at home and you’re not sure what to make them for dinner? Molletes are perfect for these situations because they are very cheap, easy and quick to make. I have not met a single person who says they do not like molletes.
The best way to serve them is to prepare them but leave the pico de gallo on the side so each person can add it to their liking since it can be very spicy.
You can also prepare them for breakfast! In central Mexico, molletes are prepared with "bolillo" a baguette style of bread or plain white bread but I recommend using Ezekiel Bread because it is much healthier and made with sprouted grains. This provides more nutrients, without sugar or flour, which is a healthy alternative especially for people with diabetes.
When it comes to the cheese, you can use any type of cheese that melts but remember that queso fresco is recommended because its low fat content and high in calcium. If you want the cheese to melt, just put it in your microwave for 15 to 30 seconds. You
can also put it in a pan with a lid if you do not want to use the microwaves. In fact, when using a pan it is even richer because the bread gets more toasty. Personally, I love it crispy.

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linea corazon

Mexican Molletes

mexican molletes - spicy latina mom


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mexican molletes - spicy latina mom

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