If you want to get rid of meat, but enjoy a popular dish in America, try this easy and nutritious recipe for Vegan Chili Beans. Learn how to cook them with Pasteurized Soy and a touch of Mexico in a healthy and low carbohydrates recipe. This is so recommended to Vegans, and people with high cholesterol or diabetes. You can serve them as a main course, or a garnish to accompany a salad at lunch or dinner.


Vegan Chili Beans | Las Recetas de Laura

Vegan Chili Beans with Texturized Soy

 Portions:  4  reloj Preparation time:  2 hours        

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We did it! We could fix the Vegan Chili Beans in a healthier version with Pasteurized Soy. This Tex-Mex dish is one of the favorite for many people in America – South USA and North Mexico. It is recommended to people with diabetes, high-cholesterol, or vegans, to prevent the meat intake, with enough proteins for a balanced diet.

Remember that the Pasteurized Soy is not only an economic ingredient, but it also has enough proteins to replace meats. In addition, the Soy is recommended to women during menopause, with changes in hormone levels, for it helps to balance metabolism.

Soy is also a source of calcium, magnesium and Omega 3, which contributes enhancing the bones mass. This is relevant to prevent the loss of calcification in the future.

Due to its low carbohydrates,  this recipe is recommended to those subscribed to El Reto, in a weight loss program.

An important Tip: the Pasteurized Soy should be hydrated enough time to soften and absorb the sauce flavor.

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linea corazon

Vegan Chili Beans

Vegan Chili Beans | Las Recetas de Laura


6 pcs chile guajillo
2 clove garlic
1/2 tbs cummin
1 tbs salt
2 cups bean (pinto)
2 cups pasteurized soy
1 cup tomato (minced)
1/2 cup onion (minced)
1 tbs sugar substitute
1 spoon oatmeal


Cook the beans for 120 minutes with 1/4 onion, a pinch of salt and minced garlic (better if beans are softened in water 4 hours before)
Put rehydrated Pasteurized soy in a food processor. Beat it slightly, and cook it with minced garlic, half cup onion and 1 cup of tomato, a pinch of salt.
Meanwhile, remove tails of guajillo chili, and put them in hot water to soften for 10 minutes.
Put the guajillo chili in a blender with: 1 tomato, guajillo, 1 garlic, a pinch of cumin, salt and a little water used to soften chili. Blend it well and pass through a strainer to remove seeds and skins .
Boil the sauce in a pan with the sugar substitute and oatmeal for 5 minutes. Then, blend it.
Add the sauce to the soy, and put in high heat. Add beans to desire


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Vegan Chili Beans | Las Recetas de Laura

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