This vegan pozole recipe is ideal for people who are looking after their eating habits but also looking for a delicious, hot and very nutritious dish! With a mixture of ingredients that give us the nutrients that our body needs without using meat! You will be amazed how we achieve that great flavor using simply vegetables and spices.

Green pozole - Spicy Latina Mom

Mexican green pozole without meat

Portions: 4  reloj Preparation time:

linea-corazon Spicy Latina Mom

The pozole is a typical Mexican dish that has a great history!

It comes from pre-Hispanic Mexico, from the Nahuatl pozolli and with the passing of the years and the change of culture has been changing.

Initially they prepared it with meat from an animal called “tepezcuintle” which is a large rodent.

Then the recipe was modified and began to be prepared with pork or chicken.

Always accompanied by corn, a mixture of spices, spicy and of course onion, lettuce and chopped radishes at the end.

An amazing mix of flavors that can be prepared red or green.

Now I share a new recipe, without meat, replacing it with mushrooms and chickpeas, a healthy and perfect version to eat now in Lent.

Besides being a dish with the Mexican flavor you will also be contributing various nutrients, thanks to spinach, chickpeas, mushrooms and tomatillo;

  • Iron
  • Fiber
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • And vitamins that will make this a super complete dish.
    And do not worry about protein! Chickpea is a source of vegetable protein that will cover your protein needs in food.

linea corazon

Vegetarian Green Pozole

Green pozole - Spicy Latina Mom


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Green pozole - Spicy Latina Mom

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