Las Recetas de Laura Muller

Hola soy Laura

Las Recetas de Laura y Food and Deals by Laura es una comunidad confiable y en constante crecimiento, con más de 3 millones de seguidores en redes sociales y casi 2.5 millones de seguidores en YouTube. Nuestra comunidad nos reconoce y confía en nosotros como uno de los creadores de contenido bilingüe hispano más reconocidos en los Estados Unidos.

Creamos contenido para redes sociales es español e inglés para la comunidad hispana en los Estados Unidos.


Te invito a ver mis redes sociales y descubrir las maravillas que podemos crear para tu marca.


V&V Supremo Cheese

We thought Laura was a great fit for our client’s targeted audiences. Especially for targeting both English and Spanish speaking audiences. We really enjoyed reviewing/seeing her delicious-looking content. Also, it was very apparent that she spent a great deal of time/effort in creating her content, which made it that much more enjoyable!”

Diana Tina, Assistant Account Executive at 3rd Coast Public Relations, Client V&V Supremo Cheese


Laura was a great partner for our project because of her significant engagement, colorful content and consistent posting on her page. She was so efficient. This campaign had such a quick turnaround and the fact that she was able to get the trip booked and the content out to us so quickly was such a win. The client was so happy about how quickly she got the content to us and they also really loved her content. She really spoke to how to get a Mexican cultural experience in Chicago and seamlessly plugged the brand which was the overall goal. Laura was the first influencer to travel for this campaign and the first one to have her content live. She was the standard for what they wanted from all of the influencers, often using her page as an example. 

— Melonie Echevarria, Senior Manager of Operations | Being Latino, Inc.

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